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Filipina American Actress and Model. Born in Mobile, Alabama. Relocated to Tucson, Arizona in 2003. Currently residing in Las Vegas.

My love for acting began when I took my first drama class in seventh grade. In my first play I fell in love hearing the audience laugh and thought to myself "I wanna do that again." I pursued acting throughout high school and resumed to further my education in Theatre at Pima Community College where I navigated my way from being a spotlight operator, costume designer, to finally perform in multiple shows.

I'm drawn to roles full of depth as we all have a rich depth in us that makes us who we are. That's the fun part. Diving deep and exploring a character's reality - in return fabricating a vibrant vitality for them. My desire as an actress is for the audience to connect with the story and character - and to be able to walk away feeling a sense of change. Inspiration.

Although I love to collaborate with fellow artists by bringing a story to life and being in front of the camera I also love to travel and learn about different cultures. I've had the opportunity to travel and study abroad in London, England where I studied Theatre and had an internship at The Hope Theatre. I enjoy being out in nature and revel in Earth's beauty. Additionally, I love pole dancing as it is another creative outlet for me where I can express myself through movement. You can access videos of my journey in pole by subscribing to my Patreon. 

Graduated from PCC with two associate degrees: Associate of Fine Arts focus in Visual & Performing Arts Theatre and Associate of Arts focus in Liberal Arts. Continued to advance my training at Arizona State University and graduated in the Fall of 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Concentration in Acting.

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Zuriel's favorite flower - bougainvillea

My Favorite Quote

Allan Lokos

"I think the greatest gift any of us can offer to another is our complete presence. It is astonishing how many people go through life without anyone who truly listens to them. To become one who listens deeply, without judgement, without offering advice, without the need to be anything but fully, consciously present, is to become a great gift to all who cross your path. You might be the first person to actually listen to the human being who is speaking to you. You can, in such moments, change a life. When a life changes, the world changes."

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